2015 Cyber Monday Rowing Machine Sales

Cyber Monday marks the kick off to the online holiday shopping season. As the Monday after Thanksgiving and the popular Black Friday shopping holiday, Cyber Monday has been around since 2005 and has only grown year after year. In fact, Cyber Monday 2014 brought in over $2 billion in sales for the first time ever. It’s a huge shopping holiday that almost every retailer takes advantage of, and so should you.

More people turn to online shopping for both day to day shopping and holiday shopping for a number of reasons. It’s of course incredibly convenient, but what’s more, taking advantage of online deals and sales like those offered on Cyber Monday can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars if you make big purchases like fitness equipment. Many retailers and brands who sell bigger items like fitness equipment even wait out the Black Friday shopping holiday to offer Cyber Monday deals like free shipping to draw customers to their websites, so it’s smart to take advantage of these deals that are fast approaching! The bottom line: retailers know that the majority of people tend to some portion of their holiday shopping online, so they want to offer deals to attract this online shopping traffic. This means that you as the customer win out with deep discounts and sales.

Rowing machines are gaining in popularity as a unique, fun, and efficient way to get fit and torch calories fast. They are low-impact and easy to use, so almost anyone can enjoy the exercise benefits of a rowing machine. Traditional in-home workout equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers can’t offer some of the full body workouts that can be achieved on a rowing machine, so it’s really a fun and unparalleled gift to give someone, or to buy for yourself. Even if you have never rowed before, a rowing machine is easy to use and there many different kinds to choose from. In addition to all of these health benefits, rowing machines are typically inexpensive and compact, making them the all-around perfect gift.

If you’ve chosen a rowing machine as the perfect gift for this upcoming holiday season, here are a few brands to watch for. First, there are several types of rowing machines that include water rowing, air rowing, magnetic rowing, and hydraulic rowing. Each type has its own pros and cons, and price points, and it really depends on your budget and features wish list as to which type is going to best fit your needs. For hydraulic and air rowers, Stamina is a multiple award-winning brand that makes durable and lightweight models. For magnetic resistance rowers, BodyCraft is an excellent choice, and for water rowers, you can’t beat the classic WaterRower brand, made to be commercial-grade and known to last. We highly recommend these brands that you can’t go wrong with! As the holiday season nears, check back often for 2015 Cyber Monday rowing machine deals that are sure to impress.

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