Save time finding the best rowing machine for your budget! See the tables below to quickly compare rowing machine prices and features. Our abbreviations show whether a rower uses Water (W), Air (A) or another resistance type; whether it’s Foldable (F); and much more. A key to the tables is included.

To get more in-depth information right away, just click any rower name. We’ve provided a free, full, honest review for each product.

To get started, knowing your budget and preferred rowing machine type is ideal. Then our star rating column is especially helpful. Each price category, even Under $250, features rowing machines ranked with at least 8 of 10 stars overall. Keep in mind though, we consider features that might not matter to every consumer. Also, a cheap rowing machine might carry a high star ranking, but it wouldn’t fare so well in a higher price class. Read our rowing machine reviews to better understand a product’s strengths and weaknesses.

A final tip: When choosing a rower, be realistic about your preferences for tech. Electronics such as preset workouts and Internet browsers can add a lot to the rowing experience but also to the price. Will advanced electronics make the difference and help you commit to exercise? Or would you row plenty without using preset programs and on-board entertainment? Check out the options! Our code “PC” indicates rowing machines that connect with personal computers for virtual races, special workouts and advanced data management. The code “H” labels rowers that support heart rate monitoring.