H20 Fitness Rowing Machine Reviews

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H20 Fitness Rowing Machine Reviews

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H2O Fitness is an affordable brand of water rowing machine from HealthCare International (HCI), a company headquartered in Washington. HCI owns a variety of fitness equipment brands that help stock physical therapy clinics, commercial fitness centers and residential gyms. H2O Fitness water rowers are made in Taiwan.


The H2O Fitness brand features two water rowing machines: the $799 RX-750 Home Rower and the $1049 RX-950 Club Rower. These machines naturally adapt to the rider’s strength.

Each H20 Fitness rower has a metal frame and a water drive with 2.5 to 4.5 gallon capacity. The Club Rower is noticeably more robust.

  • The Club Rower is 89” long, weighs 117 pounds and has a 550-pound user weight capacity.
  • The Home Rower is 78” long, weighs 65 pounds and and a 350-pound capacity.

A bungee cord system (instead of a chain) minimizes the need for regular maintenance and promotes quiet operation. However, it’s not as durable as the chain systems used on more expensive water rowing machines.

The H2O Fitness Club Rower is available with extra lumbar support. Both models of rower are delivered with a workout mat.

The Great:
  • Water Resistance: Water resistance allows what HCI calls ”natural adaptive resistance.” The more vigorously a person rows, the more water force pushes back. This makes water rowing machines a perfect fit for any skill level. H2O Fitness uses strong polycarbonate tanks that are virtually indestructible.
  • Footrests: To support healthy motion, H2O Fitness water rowers have pivoting footrests. These can accommodate just about any shoe size and are textured for grip.
  • Data: A simple LCD workout monitor keeps track of Exercise Time, Distance, 500 Meters Split Time, Strokes/Min, Calories and Heart Rate.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The home and club models are each equipped with a wireless heart rate receiver. The chest straps are sold separately.
  • Seat Height: These indoor water rowers have 20” seat heights, which is generally the most comfortable access height for people with limited mobility.
  • Lumbar Support: The RX-950 is available with a standard seat and with back support.
  • Very High Capacity: The RX-950 can support up to 550 pounds. The RX-750 can hold up to 350 pounds.
  • Mat Included: The purchase price includes a workout mat to protect floors and give the rower extra traction.
  • Warranty: HCI Fitness’s warranty is competitive. Buyers get a lifetime guarantee for the frame, three years for the mechanical parts and two years for wear parts.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Light Programming: The computer monitor can be set for a certain number of calories or strokes, but there aren’t built-in programs for interval training, races and other preset workouts.
  • Not Backlit: The data screens aren’t backlit. A lamp is needed for viewing the readouts at night.
  • Bungee System: Resistance is delivered with a tension cord. The cord is under warranty for two years. More expensive rowing machines use metal chains, which are noisier but more durable.

Our Conclusion:

Water rowers by H2O Fitness are most appealing to beginners. This brand cuts costs by manufacturing overseas, using very good but not premium parts, and keeping the electronics very limited.

The RX-750 Home Rower is an especially good deal; it’s the cheapest water rowing machine we’ve seen, yet its parts are under warranty for two years.

The RX-950 Club Rower is less exciting; for just $50 more you could buy the popular and very durable WaterRower Natural Club, which has plenty of programming.