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Horizon Fitness is a leading mid-priced exercise brand focused on residential products. It is owned by Johnson Health Tech, an international company based outside Madison, Wisconsin. Johnson Health Tech also owns Vision Fitness and other fitness equipment brands. Its indoor rowers, treadmills, elliptical trainers and other gym products are distributed in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Horizon produces just one model of rowing machine, the full-size but foldable Oxford Rower. This rower can fit the needs of a family: It uses air resistance to meet virtually any strength level, and its long aluminum beam can accommodate people with long inseams. The data console has an impressive 30 programs and is adjustable for different viewing heights.

The Oxford Rower is regularly priced at $1499, but Horizon now sells it for $999 online. The purchase price includes a two-year parts warranty and other consumer protections.

The Great:
  • Air Resistance: Rowing machines with air resistance can adapt to any strength level. The more intensely a person rows, the more air resistance is created. In contrast, rowing machines with magnetic resistance and hydraulic resistance have preset tension levels. The limitless resistance on the Oxford makes it a rower that won’t quickly be outgrown.
  • Comfortable Handlebars: The foam-covered handlebars are designed for comfortable gripping through long rowing sessions.
  • Ergonomic Seat: The Oxford’s seat is molded for good comfort. According to customer reviews, it’s better cushioned than the seats on other indoor rowers.
  • Oversized Footpads: The extra-large footpads are made to accommodate almost any shoe size.
  • Preset Programs: The console can be tilted and is backlit for easy viewing. It has 30 preset programs targeting distance goals, time goals, calorie burn goals and interval training endurance.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Data: The Horizon Oxford has a wireless receiver for pulse data. The chest strap for this system is sold separately for about $49.
  • Water Bottle Holder: This is one of the few rowing machines with storage space. An open compartment beneath the console can be used for storing a water bottle.
  • Easy to Fold & Move: The Horizon rower can be folded up with a one-step release mechanism. The beam tilts upward and the whole machine can be rolled into place.
  • Compact for Storage: The machine’s folded dimensions are just 44” x 21” x 64”. Unfolded for use, it measures 100” L x 21” W x 40” H.
  • Good Warranty: The Horizon Oxford is sold with five years of coverage on the frame and a two-year warranty on the computer and moving parts.
  • Weight Capacity: The Oxford rowing machine can hold up to 285 pounds. It weighs 103 pounds.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Size: Measuring more than 8 feet long when in use, this rower has a very large footprint. As mentioned above though, its folded dimensions are 44” L x 21” W x 64” H.
  • Contact Heart Rate Monitor: The Oxford uses contact grips for heart rate monitoring. That method can be less accurate and less convenient than wireless monitoring.

Our Conclusion:

The Horizon brand air rowing machine can train just about anyone. The Oxford Rower is sized for people of most heights, has plenty of preset workout programs and automatically adjusts to the rider’s effort level. Overall it’s an enticing product. However, there’s a lot of high quality competition at this price point.