Kettler Rowing Machine Reviews

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Kettler Rowing Machine Reviews

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Kettler is a German-based company that dates back to 1949. Kettler USA has served North America since the 1980s. This international brand not only manufactures residential rowers and other indoor fitness machines, but also makes road bikes, ping pong tables, patio furniture, and other leisure products.

This brand features five rowing machines that use either magnetic or hydraulic resistance. The magnetic rowers all include special attachments that provide other workout options and allow them to function as miniature gyms. Kettler’s advertised prices include delivery.


Kettler makes three magnetic rowing machines and two hydraulic rowing machines. All are for home use. The quality ranges from average to above average. The magnetic rowers are paired with reliable computer monitors by SIEMENS. All of the machines are under warranty for three years.

  • The Coach E is Kettler’s top rowing machine. This quiet $1399 magnetic rower is one of the best of its kind. It features a steel frame, a wide range of resistance with electronic controls, and 12 preset programs. A special feature of this model is its additional exercise options. The Kettler Coach E arrives with two attachments that support 16 different exercises.
  • Very similar to the Coach E is the Kettler Coach M. The Coach M indoor rower has manually controlled magnetic resistance instead of electronic tension control. Like the Coach E, the Coach M has two easy-to-attach plates to support 16 additional exercises.
  • Kettler’s cheapest magnetic rowing machine is called the Stroker Rower and Multi-Trainer. It is most suitable for beginners and intermediate level athletes. The Stroker Rower has eight resistance levels with manual control. It has one plate attachment that facilitates 10 exercises beyond rowing.
  • The most expensive hydraulic rower by Kettler is called the Kadett. This unit is under three-year warranty, but has issues with durability. Consequently this is our least recommended rower from this brand.
  • Kettler’s most basic rowing machine is called the Favorit. The Favorit is foldable and offers an impressive 50 levels of hydraulic resistance. It weighs a mere 44 pounds yet has a 285-pound user weight capacity. This is one of the best hydraulic rowing machines available from any brand. It sells for an impressively low $399.

The Great:
  • Monitor: Kettler’s magnetic rowers (but not its hydraulic rowers) help guide workouts with high quality SIEMENS computer monitors. These monitors have preset programs and display accurate wireless heart rate data.
  • Heart Rate Features: Heart rate control workouts are supported on the Coach E and Coach M magnetic rowing machines. These units and the cheaper Kettlers also have a Cardio Wellness function that measures heart rate change after exercise and assigns a score of 1 to 6.
  • Wide Resistance Ranges: Kettler rowers can support a wide range of skill levels. The Coach E magnetic rower alone offers a resistance range of 25 to 500 watts. Even Kettler’s cheapest rower, the Favorit, has 50 levels of hydraulic resistance.
  • Bonus Exercises: A special benefit of Kettler’s three magnetic rowing machines are easy-to-attach plates that support up to 16 additional exercises. These allow the rowing machines to serve as miniature gyms.
  • Comfortable Design: Kettler rowers feel good to use. They have pivoting footplates, cushioned seats, and smooth glides.
  • Store Upright: These rowers can be stored upright or folded to save space.
  • Warranty: Kettler’s warranties are very competitive, providing three years of parts coverage even on the cheapest units.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Cost: Some of Kettler’s products are priced a bit high. Also, their hydraulic rowing machines could be expensive to maintain since the pistons cost quite a bit to replace.
  • Some Are Plug-In: Some Kettler rower machines use batteries to power the console computer, while others require an electrical outlet.


The Kettler rowing machine collection is diverse enough to satisfy a wide variety of customers. The machines have strong warranties and Kettler USA’s customer service reps are readily available. This is a top brand to consider for high quality magnetic and hydraulic rowers. Only the Kadett should be avoided. The rest of the machines in this line up easily rank amongst the best in their price class.