Velocity Fitness Rowing Machine Reviews

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Velocity Fitness Rowing Machine Reviews

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Velocity Exercise provides low-priced yet good quality exercise equipment for home use. The brand is a division of CAP Barbell, Inc., which is one of the world’s largest and longest-established fitness product suppliers. This global organization has headquarters in the US, Taiwan and China.

Velocity Exercises’s prices are relatively low yet the products are durable. For excellent quality control, CAP Barbell inspects each Velocity model in-house and at third party testing facilities.

The Velocity brand includes a wide variety of fitness machines (treadmills, elliptical trainers and so forth). They currently manufacture only one model of rowing machine, the Velocity Magnetic Rower.


Velocity’s lone rowing machine is called the Velocity Magnetic Rower. This midsized fitness machine normally sells for $799 and earns enthusiastic customer reviews.

Like other magnetic rowers, the Velocity Magnetic Rower is designed for virtually silent operation. Unlike some other magnetic rowers, it has convenient electronic tension control, preset workout programs and wireless heart rate monitoring.

This machine is 80” long and can be folded for compact storage.

The Great:
  • Assembly: Assembly instructions for the Velocity Magnetic Rower are straightforward. Assembly takes less than a half-hour.
  • Magnetic Resistance: Magnetic resistance is virtually silent. The resistance on the Velocity Magnetic Rower is controlled electronically (not with a knob) and can challenge a wide range of ability levels.
  • LCD Monitor: The latest version of this rower has 12 program modes: one manual, six traditional, one for target heart, and four designed by users. It has recovery mode too to help assess heart health.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: The purchase price of the Velocity Magnetic Rower includes a complete wireless heart rate monitoring system. With most other rowing machines the chest strap is sold separately.
  • Smooth Ride: Owners consistently report that the seat slides smoothly and that the rowing action feels healthy.
  • Strong Frame: The Velocity’s sturdy aluminum frame is under warranty for five years.
  • Foldable: The Velocity Magnetic Rower can be folded for compact storage. Attached wheels make it easy to move.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Monitor: The Velocity Magnetic Rower’s monitor is poorly backlit. For nighttime rowing a lamp is needed for viewing the display.
  • Calorie Readout: The calories readout is only an approximation. Riders cannot specify their body size to get a more accurate estimate of calories burned.
  • External Power Required: This machine uses an AC adaptor. Other rowing machines use batteries or harness the rider’s energy to power the monitor. Although this machine will add very little to an electricity bill, its plug-in design limits the owner’s placement options.
  • Folding Method: Many rowing machines are foldable, and some are more easily folded than others. Folding the Velocity Magnetic Rower is a somewhat cumbersome process. If you expect to be folding your rower after each exercise session, then you might prefer a different brand.
  • Customer Service: Velocity customer service is below average according to customer reviews. When we called their toll-free number during regular business hours, a human being was not readily available.
  • Warranty: The warranty for the Velocity Magnetic Rower protects the monitor for just 90 days. Other parts are only under warranty for 30 days. The frame is covered for five years.

Our Conclusion

Velocity only makes one rowing machine, and they make it well. The Velocity Magnetic Rower has a great reputation despite its short warranty. It is a top choice for people looking to spend $799 or less.